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How It Works

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AHEC Power Plant Process Flow
Providing A Climate Change Solution for the World

How AHEC's Theoretical Hydroelectric Power System:  (Validation Of Generating Process Is Required)  All of the statements rely on assumption based on the US Patent Design and require validation.


1. AHEC would plan to construct 70-Story Hydro Power Plants downtown in major metropolitan city in the US or Internationally to generate, sell and distribute large-scale hydroelectricity for a flat monthly price to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

2. AHEC would plan to utilize existing large-scale hydroelectric generating components, equipment and technology currently being used in a large hydroelectric dams. 

3.AHEC would begin implementing the AHEC Hydroelectric Power System Commercially by first storing 400,000 gallons of water in a Vertical Oval Large Water Storage Tank/Reservoir and 200,000 gallons in a Vertical Oval Small Water Tank /Reservoir.  

4. A 700 ft long, 10.5 meter in diameter Return Penstock would be backfilled with 48,510 cubic feet of Water. The AHEC Hydroelectric Power System would start by allowing controlled water flow through a 700 ft long, 10.5 meter in diameter Down Penstock that would supply water to between 1 and 40 Francis Turbine Generators operating at 75 revolutions per minute driving the generator above.  The Return Penstock would remain filled with water at all times, to create an overflow of water into the Large Water Storage Tank/ Reservoir at the top. Water from the generating process would be pumped into the Return Penstock at the bottom, causing water to flow into the Large Water Storage Tank/ Reservoir at the top.

Each Francis Turbine Generator would weigh 450 Tons for a total weight of 18,000 tons.

5. The difference in the water height between the Large Water Storage Tank / Reservoir and the Small Water Storage Tank / Reservoir would create a Positive Flow Charge in a Closed Looped System that would help the water return back to the Large Water Storage Tank / Reservoir with the aid of 10 Industrial Water and Vacuum Pumps. 

Pumps would be powered by Industrial Rechargeable Batteries connected to Transparent Solar Panels on the windows and roof of the building. This additional source of energy would address the Physics Laws of Thermodynamics concern by providing an additional source of energy. 

AHEC's Technology would control the Potential Difference of the water between the Large and small Tanks / Reservoirs. By doing so, the Small Water Storage Tank/ Reservoir would continuously draw water from the Large Water Storage Tank / Reservoir trying to level off, but would never be allowed to reach Zero State.  Vacuum Pumps would be used to create the suction force that continuously draws the water from the Large Water Storage Tank / Reservoir and the Return Penstock.   Water Density would be increased by thermal cooling the water in the Small Water Storage Tank / Reservoir. The Flow Rate would be 32,000 cubic feet per second and that the water  would travel up to 80 miles per hour.

6. AHEC would use the same generating process that conventional Large Hydroelectric Dams use, except without the need for a river, lake or  dam. They include 2 Water Storage Tanks / Reservoirs, 1 Intake Controls, 2 Penstocks, 40 Francis Turbine Generators, 10 Transformers, 660 - 700 Solar Panels, Flow Control and Monitoring Technology and Transmission Equipment constructed inside a 70-Story Hydro Power Plant.

7. If validated, AHEC's Innovative Generating Process would store and reuse the same water after the generation process, without producing CO2, without requiring long distance transmission lines, without creating environmental concerns, and it could be scaled to meet peak demand for power. Its proposed portable power plant could meet the global demand for a safer, cheaper, and cleaner energy source.  Each AHEC Hydro Power Plant could be constructed and operational within 9 the 12 months and generate 2.7 Billion Kilowatts per turbine annually, which would be 108 Billion Kilowatts annually.

AHEC's Planned Rapid Construction Method 
(AHEC Power Plant in 6 Months)

The video below shows a 30 Story Building in China being constructed in 15 days.  

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation plans to construct and operate 70-Story AHEC Power Plants in 12 months or less, by using the same Chinese Construction technology and methodology used to construct a 30 story hotel in 15 days.  AHEC has the potential to create thousands of New Green Manufacturing Jobs. Our technology will allow governments to replace many of the 30,000 Coal Power Plants that are contributing to global climate change.